Expo Jurasico – Meet the dinosaurs

I’ve mentioned before that our littlest lady is a huge fan of dinosaurs (much to her older sisters disgust)! When we heard that Europe’s largest dinosaur exhibition would be making a visit to a nearby town we headed over. It features 20 life size dinosaurs 14 of which move thanks to pneumatics. Whilst I knew Elise would love it I wasn’t sure how Clara would react. She’s not a huge fan of dinosaurs instead finding them a bit scary. In reality we spent most of our time there chasing Elise who was in her element darting from one dinosaur to another blowing them kisses and declaring them cute whilst carrying Clara who was clinging to us for dear life! I bought their dinosaur dresses from next for Elise’s 2nd birthday party and this was the perfect excuse to wear them again!

Clara’s face in this one makes me laugh, it was her attempt at a smile!

After about half an hour and repeatedly explaining they weren’t real (which we had to prove by showing her the electricity cables they were connected to) she got a little braver and really enjoyed the interactive areas where children could have a go at being palaeontologists and discover dinosaur bones.

Clara took the below photo and to be fair did a pretty good job for a 4 year old – future photographer???

It was pretty reasonable to get in at 7 euros per person (under 3’s are free) and for Spanish standards starts at a reasonable 7pm. If you’re in the Costa Blanca area and have a child who likes dinosaurs its there until August 28th and definitely worth a look. 

And finally an outtake when the dinosaur moved and both girls decided to get out of there!


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