The Beach Club

Many, many years ago when dinosaurs roamed the earth (actually only 4 years ago but it feels that long) we went to a beach club on La Manga and enjoyed a blissful day sunbathing, sipping cocktails and taking the occasional dip in the deliciously inviting pool. Since our oldest was born we have not ventured back. I think I associated it with a place of calm and relaxation and didn’t quite see how babies and toddlers were going to slot in. Our girls are now 2 and 4 and so desperate to return to that little slice of paradise we decided to brave it and see how we got on.

It’s about an hour away from us so we timed it so our journey coincided with our youngests nap and right on cue she woke up as soon as we arrived. I was a little apprehensive as although pretty well behaved our girls are still young and like to splash, jump and make noise but I needn’t have been. Our experience of living in Spain thus far has been that the Spanish are exceptionally family orientated and take their children everywhere with them. When we arrived there were lots of other children already there which put me at ease and after the usual routine of getting everyone covered in suncream and attached to inflatables we were able to pretty much do what we’d done on our previous visit and enjoyed the most relaxing day in beautiful surroundings with the odd cocktail thrown in. Our girls were fascinated by the unique structure and constantly ask when we can go back to the spaceship on the sand!

The swimming pool is a beautiful turquoise colour and surrounded by palm trees that instantly makes you feel as if you’ve been transported somewhere far more tropical than the Costa Blanca. It gently graduates and is perfect for little children and adults who can cool off in the shallows. 

There’s also a lovely beach (the clue is in the name) which whilst being on the Mediterranean side of La Manga is protected by a reef so the sea is calm and safe. Both girls are huge fans of the beach and loved being able to chop and change between the pool and sea as they wished. We managed to find some chairs perfectly located so that we could watch them at both spots without having to move which was amazing! 

After becoming suitably shrivelled from the amount of time we’d spent submerged we had an informal poolside lunch of burgers, chips and salads then a final dip before heading home. We had a truly lovely day and it’s given me the confidence to embrace situations that I’ve avoided for the past few years due to having very young children. We’ve always been the type of people to not let children stop us doing anything taking frequent holidays, eating out and with plenty of days exploring new places but we’ve tended to gravitate towards places that we perceived to be family friendly whereas now I think we’ll embrace places that we enjoyed pre children as our day out showed it not only can be done but can be thoroughly enjoyable for everyone.

Now I’m off to plan our next trip!


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  1. August 27, 2016 / 5:46 pm

    Gorgeous pictures and it really does look like a spaceship!! I always feel so jealous reading your posts xx

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