Giant Jaffa Cake

So after my experience with the Chocolate sprinkle ice cream bowls I decided to steer clear from anything involving baking, chocolate and children….until a recipe for a giant Jaffa cake kept popping up on social media. At first I tried to ignore it but then my eldest saw it whilst she was sat next to me and being a huge Jaffa cake fan pleaded to make one so I bravely (foolishly) agreed to give it a go.

At least this time my expectations were realistic. Whereas before I’d imagined a harmonious couple of hours in the kitchen producing Pinterest worthy creations I now thought if we got through it without tears and produced something remotely edible I’d consider it a resounding success.

The first challenge was buying the necessary ingredients. Whilst in the UK a quick trip to Tesco would suffice in Spain the labels are surprise surprise in Spanish. Whilst I’m not as clueless as I was when I first moved over trying to choose which type of flour without having first had a quick look at google translate would have been foolish so armed with my now translated ingredients list I set off. I highly doubt that major Spanish supermarkets don’t sell self-raising flour, caster sugar or baking powder but even with the help of the internet I couldn’t find them. Plan b was to head to Iceland which stocks British brands at prices roughly three times higher than they would be in the UK. It was at this point I started to think I could probably commission a bespoke cake for less than this one would cost but where would the fun in that be. After spending a small fortune in Iceland as I’d been led astray by cadburys creme egg biscuits, potato waffles and a pork pie I headed home ready for the baking to commence.

After the mess that resulted from the bursting chocolate covered balloons I stripped both girls (not the most hygienic I know but seeing as the only people likely to consume it were the girls and their dad (who’ll eat anything) I wasn’t too worried. Step one was combining the sugar with the butter which I promptly realised needed to be at room temperature to have any chance whatsoever of being able to mix it. Luckily it was over 30 degrees outside so ten minutes in the sun did the trick. Apart from one child falling off a chair and a fight breaking out with a roll of cling film it was all going well.

We added the eggs and flour closely followed by baking powder and vanilla essence then got my husband to give it a final stir as by now my arm felt like it was about to break, poured it in a greaseproof paper lined frying pan and stuck it in the oven for the stated 20 minutes. After 20 minutes I realised two things, number one despite the top starting to look rather cremated the middle was wet and therefore nowhere near cooked and number two my expensive induction frying pan handle was starting to melt. Thinking it couldn’t take much longer and not knowing what else to do I soldiered on for a further 55 minutes until the middle was at last cooked. After using a tea towel to remove it from the oven I proceeded to accidentally grab the handle on at least 3 further occasions meaning not only does my arm ache but it is also sporting a couple of blisters and a smattering of melted plastic. 

The next step was making the orange jelly but in hindsight I should have probably done this bit first as it was now nearing the girls bedtime and there was no way it was going to be set in time to complete the masterpiece before they had to go to bed. After bribing them with a normal sized Jaffa cake and promising we would crack on as soon as they woke up I managed to get them to sleep. 

Day 2 went surprisingly well despite an extra early start as they were so excited to finish! I learned my lesson and let the melted chocolate cool slightly before covering the jelly, popped it in the fridge and hey presto our giant Jaffa cake was ready. My first attempt at cutting it ended up with some serious cracking but after pouring boiling water over the knife it was far more successful.

The only thing left to do was to get stuck in!

Now what to have a go at next…


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