A Christmas Party 

Earlier this year we had a Halloween party for some of Clara’s friends and their parents and ever since both girls have been wanting another and so with Christmas fast approaching the invites went out and a date was set.

I love party prepping so thought I’d share a few ideas of what we did for food and entertainment. We had a mixture of guests coming from 2 year olds to adults and with not everyone able to speak English and my Spanish not being the best we had to keep things reasonably simple!

For food we went with a typically British Christmas buffet as we wanted to share our traditions so there was lots of turkey, ham, party snacks and a big chocolate Yule log along with Christmas cake and mince pies! One of our friends brought two massive Spanish omelettes that she’d made herself which were amazing so it ended up being a good mix of Spanish and British cuisine. I also found some penguins made from olives, cream cheese and carrots that looked fairly easy to make and gave them a go. They turned out really well and were so simple anyone could do them in a few minutes. It also got the children eating vegetables which is always a bonus with my youngest!

The girls are at an age where party games are an essential but I wanted ones everyone could get involved with. First up was Pin the Nose on Rudolph and instead of buying a pre made version I simply cut out a cartoon reindeer, stuck it on some white card and traced around a cup to make the noses out of sparkly red foam. There was quite a bit of cheating going on from children and adults alike but it definitely provided lots of entertainment.

I think the biggest hit was Build a Snowman. I bought giant marshmallows, normal marshmallows, some twiglets, orange tictacs and a black icing pen and everyone had a go at making their own edible Snowman that could be taken home and eaten afterwards although most didn’t make it to the end of the party! Because we had lots of children I put a big paper tablecloth on the floor and did it on that then at the end all the mess went straight in the bin. 

I also bought a cheap antler hat with inflatable rings off amazon and the adults took it in turns to wear it whilst the kids (and other adults) attempted to throw the rings over the antlers! 

Another big success was magic snow that I picked up from the pound shop. You simply add water and it expands into really soft ‘snow’. I’d envisioned pouring a small amount into each child’s hand then adding a few drops of water so they could watch it transform and whilst this did happen it was quickly followed by the ‘snow’ being lobbed around the entire living room. Fortunately it was really easy to hoover up!

Spain doesn’t have Christmas crackers so after the initial shock of the bang these went down really well especially when it was discovered they contained hats and presents! We also have each child a small selection box as a Christmas present although in hindsight they definitely didn’t need anymore sugar! 

It was a really lovely afternoon and the girls are already asking when the next one will be! 


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