A new family member – meet Sassy

Both girls are obsessed with animals. They can literally sniff out a dog or cat from miles away and pretty much every walk and car journey is a contest for spotting furry friends. A few months ago they somehow found an abandoned puppy under our car and we very nearly ended up keeping him as here in Spain its very hard to rehome animals and abandoned and unwanted pets are sadly commonplace. Fortunately one of our neighbours was by a miraculous stroke of luck looking for a dog and so he now lives a very pampered and happy life with her. It’s not that I don’t love dogs as I do but we are not in a position at present where we could give a dog a fulfilling life and I have to be realistic in terms of the time we have.

Since the puppy incident the girls have been even more determined to obtain a pet. They are not fussy and have suggested everything from rabbits to fish but I’m not a fan of keeping animals in cages and I know the novelty of a fish would wear off pretty quickly and I’d be left having to clean out the tank etc. It was then the idea of a cat surfaced. I’m not really a cat person but I do acknowledge that they would currently suit our lifestyle better than any other animal and there are so many needing homes it would give an animal that might otherwise live out its days in less than ideal conditions a second chance. There is a cat rehoming charity near us and a quick phone call established they have over 70 cats and kittens looking for homes.

We went for a look and the girls were instantly smitten with a cat that had been found abandoned as a kitten and was now 8 months old and still living at the centre. She seemed very calm considering her surroundings and didn’t seem to mind the attention the girls were giving her and so a few days later she came home. After a rather lengthy discussion where we tried to agree on a name that wasn’t completely inappropriate or ridiculous we decided on Sassy named after the cat from the film Homeward Bound. Elise wasn’t happy we hadn’t gone with her suggestion of Green Dinosaur despite my pointing out multiple times our newest addition was neither green or a dinosaur. Clara’s suggestion of Minnie was a definite improvement but Elise vetoed that one on the grounds she wasn’t a mouse! The husband didn’t really care and so Sassy it was.

That was a couple of weeks ago and I am now well and truly smitten with our new family member (despite being a bit scared of her for the first couple of days)! She has the patience of a saint, seems to not only tolerate but actually quite like the constant picking up and petting that the girls inflict on her and is quite happy to spend most of her time snoozing in a comfy spot of her choice. Long may it continue!


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