A golf themed birthday party

Last week it was my husbands birthday and I decided to throw a party for him. He’s slightly golf obsessed and so the obvious theme was a golf one. After spending almost an entire week on Pinterest I was suitably armed with ideas and set to with the preparations. 


I ordered most of the things I needed off amazon and used a  vuvuzela and a paper pom-pom for the table centrepiece. For the green underneath I just cut a piece of felt into the shape I wanted.

I put this sign outside and used the remaining paper pom poms to hang up to look like golf balls. The slight breeze forecast was more like gale force hence the pom poms flying everywhere.

To save on the washing up I got paper golf ball plates


These golf jellies were really simple to make. After the jelly had set I just popped in a paper flag and a small piece of icing rolled into a ball. I’d recommend adding the icing ball just before the party starts.

I used golf tees instead of cocktail sticks popping them through cherry tomatoes and mozzarella balls.

We had quite a few children coming so I decided to do make your own golf flag mini pizzas. I bought pitta breads, grated mozzarella, tomato frito, cut some pepper into strips and cut some ham into flag shapes then the children assembled them. A bonus was that they also got eaten although my two removed the strips of pepper!

For the adults we had a BBQ 


I bought a golf game that can be played three ways for the men so they entertained themselves with that whilst the BBQ was cooking.

We also did golf ball on a spoon races with golf ball chocolate lollipops for the winners. For the adults you can make it slightly more challenging by swapping the spoon for a tee!

Another game I had planned was lining up golf balls on tees then having a competition as to who could knock them off quickest with a water gun but it ended up being a pretty windy day and I didn’t think the golf balls would stay on the tees so we didn’t attempt it. I should add instead of using golf balls I was planning on using ping pong balls as I thought golf balls may be a bit heavy to knock off with water.

Lastly I used an inflatable golf club for golf limbo. Two people took turns holding an end each and we put some limbo music on and had a competition to see just how low everyone could go. I think the toddlers definitely had the advantage!

If anyone also has a golf mad spouse or child I hope these ideas help.

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